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Be afraid of yourself when the world starts looking small to you.
Because it’s Nutella day, we are now offering to drizzle nutella on all those who will order our Classic icebox cake! Order now! Happy Nutella day, guys!

Because it’s Nutella day, we are now offering to drizzle nutella on all those who will order our Classic icebox cake! Order now! Happy Nutella day, guys!

Just something i thought about

When the people’s protector feels fear and tells you, hold him. He hasn’t had to feel that as often as most people. It’s most likely more terrifying than you’d think.

Nerd tattoo for this year is…  The mockingjay pin from the hunger games! :D

Nerd tattoo for this year is… The mockingjay pin from the hunger games! :D

Sinulog tips

It’s that time of the year. Flags are on strings above the streets, huge speakers line the sidewalk beside billboards depicting Cebuano pride, and traffic is at its worst ever. It could only be Sinulog!

Cebu’s number one festival celebrates the Sr. Santo Nino as its patron saint. It is celebrated for at least a week with masses, processions, and a huge city-wide party at the end! All in all, plenty of reason to go out and join the festivities right? The residents of Cebu, and the expected half-million visitors from outside the city sure think so!

Of course, such a big event has its own downsides. I mentioned traffic is bad, and will become worse on the last day; big crowds carry dangers such as opportunistic thieves, injuries, heat-stroke, and the higher chance of dropping and losing your valuables. Prepare yourselves to enjoy the Sinulog experience with these helpful tips:

  • Make a plan

Whether you are going to take part in the procession, watch at the sidelines, or sit down for a sidewalk fiesta with your friends, plan ahead. The large crowd and the closed roads make it difficult to move around, and it is best to be at the place you want to hang out in as early as possible to avoid inconveniences

  • Go with a group

Safety in numbers. Work out a system where you keep track of each other and watch each others’ backs. Also, who would want to celebrate Sinulog alone?

  • Travel light

Roads are mostly closed, and if not, will be packed with people. If you plan on going around, prepare to walk to your destination, so only bring essentials.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear

As I said, prepare to walk, so dress for function rather than fashion on Sinulog. Sure, there’s a party going on at that club over there, but would you really want to walk 3 blocks in the midst of a crowd in heels?

  • Umbrellas are useful

Sinulog, especially on the last day, is a whole day party. It is also in a month that is prone to rain. So to prepare yourself for either scorching heat or a heavy downpour, an umbrella is the best.

  • Leave unnecessary things

Related to Travelling light, bringing along your iPad, laptop, or other gadgets or valuable during Sinulog is generally a bad idea since it’s more likely to be lost during the festivities.

  • Mind your necessary valuables

These would be your cellphone, your wallet, and anything else you might deem a “necessary valuable.” Keep an eye on them and check often since there are many opportunists out there looking to steal those from you.

  • Pay attention

The best defense against thieves and finding yourself in difficult situations. Take note of your surroundings, don’t get boxed in or isolated, watch out for shady individuals, observe the flow of the crowd to see the best route to your destination.

  • Limit the use of gadgets on the street

It would be tempting to tweet to everyone that you’re enjoying Sinulog, even better to post a picture of you with face paint while watching the procession, and who would miss the opportunity to take pictures with their new DSLR camera? Better not get carried away since displaying those things will get the attention of opportunists in the crowd.

  • Keep hydrated

You attended the early morning mass, joined the procession, watched the presentations, walked through the crowd under the sweltering heat of the sun. Now you feel dizzy, parched, and it seems as though you are about to faint. Heat stroke is a common occurrence during crowded outdoor events such as these. Remember to keep yourself hydrated to prevent it.

  • Stay sober

When I said to keep hydrated, I did not mean alcohol. A glass of beer to cheer the festival along here or there wouldn’t hurt, but too much could lead to bad decisions that could lead to trouble.

There are many more ways to stay safe during this well-loved event. Keep your wits, use common sense, and make good decisions. Happy Sinulog everybody!

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